huntingHunters utilize thousands of acres of public forest land in Conover year round. Popular hunting seasons include bear, deer, duck, grouse and turkey. Whether you are searching for that trophy buck or looking to bag your limit of grouse, Conover is a hunter’s paradise!


Location: 4.5 miles south of Conover off of U.S. Highway 45. Road is next road south of Chicago Avenue.

Range Rules:

  • The Range is open for your enjoyment spring, summer and fall during daylight hours within the period of 7:00am to 8:00pm.
  • Rifles and pistols are to be shot only into the backstops. Targets shall not at any time be placed on top of the backstops.
  • Whenever a person is down range for any reason, all individuals on the range shall cease firing, unload and break open the actions on their weapons.
  • Glass targets shall not be used.
  • Users of the range must remove all refuse (cans, plastic containers, paper, shell casings, etc.) from the range when finished and must dispose of such refuse at an appropriate disposal site.
  • Alcoholic beverages and containers are absolutely prohibited and shall not be consumed on or brought to the range.