Bird & Wildlife Watching & Photography

Bird & Wildlife Watching Conover, Wisconsin

Conover is your starting point of adventure for watching birds and wildlife. 

Whether touring a lake or hiking a local scenic trail you are sure to have an opportunity to view birds & wildlife in Conover. Abundant bird species can be found throughout the Conover area such as pileated woodpeckers, loons, barred owls, great blue herons, eagles and osprey.

Capture the photo of a lifetime while exploring our majestic forests. Frequent sightings of deer, fox, porcupines and raccoons as well as occasional sightings of bear or moose bring visitors from the entire Midwest.

Area Bird & Wildlife Watching & Photography Trails

Decker Lake Trail
Deep Lake Trails
Heart Lake Trail
Langley Lake Trails
Muskrat Creek Trail
Pioneer Creek Cross Country Ski Trail
Pioneer Creek Trail
Ski Hill Trails
Torch Lake Trails
White Squaw Lake Trail